Tuesday, January 29, 2013

it's happening people

the first month of 2013 is almost to an end and boy am i excited about the new year and what it means for brides to booties!  the month of january had me designing for two 1st birthday invites, invites for a baby shower with coordinating onesie stickers, 3 more orders for onesie stickers, an order for 25th anniversary invites, save the dates and down the road the wedding invites and upcoming birth announcements and bridal shower favors.  my downtime after the kiddies go to bed have been uber-busy (all the while dealing with numerous illnesses by all members of my family), but i am NOT complaining.   in fact...i'm ready to tackle more.  which leads me to my next announcement...

the brides to booties etsy shop is officially open!  it only took me 2ish...ok, more like 3 years, but it's open and filled to the brim with monthly onesie stickers to start.  more items will be added down the road, but these are a good thing for me to start with.  i'm happily busy with custom orders for invites and announcements, etc. through word of mouth, so i'm going to ease into the etsy thing with the onesie stickers.

there is an option in the etsy shop to request a custom listing if you are interested in something that you don't see (a new onesie sticker style, customize an existing one with a name, or even invites or announcements).  i will still continue to take requests and orders through my contact page on my website, through messages on facebook and through my email, christy@bridestobooties.com.

so spread the word and make my shop one of your favorites!

thanks again to each and every one of you that have supported me over the past few years as i've grown my business and thanks for the referrals to my facebook page (keep them coming, please and thank you).


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