Wednesday, November 21, 2012


i am going on record to officially blame facebook for the lack of brides to booties blog posts over the past 2 years.  yes, it's been over 2 years.  it's so easy to log on and upload a photo of what i've done with a little status update than it is to log in to blogger and update this way.  i'm sorry.  but i'm hoping to change that.

since my last post, things with brides to booties have really taken off.  i've had a lot of repeat clients as well as many new.  i've done some of the usual stuff and have done some things that have really stretched my capabilities in some aspects.  in this time i've also had my second son and my oldest has gone through kindergarten and is (almost) finished with first grade.  wow how time has flown.

here is my second son vincent, and the birth announcement that i did for him:


facebook right now is even more up-to-date than my website.  that i pay for.  sad, right?  i know.  but it's almost caught up.

but things are a changing.  there are new things on the horizon and now that i'm finally feeling like i have some order in my life between family, work and this side venture, i am making an {early} resolution to keep on top of things here!

one of the biggest things i've done is a new item that i've added.  the bundles of joy!  these bundles pair a set of announcements, thank you cards and monthly onesie stickers in 3 different quantities for 3 different prices to fit any budget.

here is a sampling of the bundles:

the little chickadee
who-o-o loves you 
tooty fruity
there are also additional discounts (from 5-15% off) for additional quantities added to the bundles.
keep me in mind and spread the word!!  my email is:!  thanks all!

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