Saturday, April 3, 2010

some new booties in town

welcome charlie!

my nephew, charles "charlie" david brumbaugh was born on 3/9/10! to say the entire family has breathed a sigh of relief after his healthy and safe entrance to this world just days before his older brother oliver would have turned one is a complete understatement. although the pain of not having oliver here with us will never go away, having charlie around has made dealing with that pain just a little bit easier for all of us. his big brother harrison has been just amazing with him and my little (ok, not so little anymore) guy anthony is totally smitten with yet another cool cousin! here is the announcement that was design for charlie...

welcome khloe!

khloe is the daughter of kory and brittany kaye. while i've never met brittany in person, she attended a mom-to-be event hosted by genspan baby group and walked away winning a drawing i sponsor during their events for custom announcements! brittany and i have been corresponding back and forth for a few weeks now. since they did not know the sex of the baby prior to her arrival, they opted for an announcement where colors could easily be changed at the last minute once he or as we can see now, she, appeared! i was able to get them the envelopes prior to her arrival so they could address them while they still had a few minutes to themselves before the hustle and bustle of new life with a sweet babe took over! i hope to get to meet brittany (i ever so briefly met her husband kory when dropping off the envelopes) and sweet little khloe in person when dropping off their finished announcements this week!

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