Tuesday, April 6, 2010

hau'oli lā hānau rachel!

(hau'oli lā hānau [pronounced how-o-lee laa haa-now] or, happy birthday in hawaiian)

rachel's mommy was my pen pal (in Hawaii) when i was growing up. for all you "youngins"...a pen pal is when people used an actual pen and paper to correspond). so glad to have rekindled our friendship and actually get to spend time with rebecca, her husband and their beautiful daughter on their east coast trip last year.


  1. Thanks for the explanation of a pen pal, Christy! Too bad those days seem to be over. Thank you for posting this - it's been great reconnecting with you too! Wish we lived closer!!!

  2. It felt funny having to explain a pen pal...but I guarantee there are many people who've never heard of the concept. So sad.

    Thanks for the review on the Facebook page! I really appreciate it!