Thursday, January 21, 2010

big things...with special offer

happy new year! big things are happening here at about some thought bullets? you'll be rewarded with a special offer if you make it to the end!

+ i recently changed the website to (dropping the blogspot) after purchasing the domain name! the new (non-blogger type) website is in the works! i'm feeling a little more "official" now!

+ business has been going very well thanks to my loyal clients and those new ones that have found me along the way! i am enjoying every minute of my new venture that occupies my little bit of extra time after the little one goes to bed and the big guy is playing wii!

+ the logo has been revamped a little and the corresponding button and code to be able to post on your blog has been updated to coincide. the old one will still work as the old website address will forward to this one.

+ i've added several clickable photo links as well to several businesses that i have partnered with. if you haven't checked these sites/stores out before, please do! or if you have questions about any of them, let me know!

+ watch for me on'll still be able to order items directly through me (perfect for you local loyals), however this will allow me to broaden my clientele beyond berks county; i'll let you know once i'm finished setting up shop. there will also be more options to purchase items directly through this website using paypal as well.

+ look for some new products and designs. notepads, business and "mommy card" designs, save the date items, and some other fun stuff up my sleeve. i was hoping to get my act together for some valentine designs, but this month is just flying it really only 11 days until the end of the month?

ok, now the reward for reading my i mentioned above, there is a button and html code on the side bar. i will offer 15% off your next order through brides to booties (earn 1/21/10 through 2/28/10 for redemption by 12/31/10) if you follow these simple steps:

option 1: if you have a blog:
1. put the btb blog button on your blog (by copying and pasting the code provided - email me if you're unsure how)

2. leave a comment here saying you've done so and your blog address so i can check it out

3. email me your full name and address so i can send you a coupon for the 15% off

option 2: if you are on facebook:
1. post a link to the btb website ( in your status update and tell people why you love the site.

2. become a fan of the btb facebook page and leave me a wall post telling me that you've posted the link so I can check it out

3. private message me via facebook or email me your full name and address so i can send you a coupon for the 15% off

bump the coupon to 20% off if you do both option 1 & 2!

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