Wednesday, October 21, 2009

holiday greetings

where is the time going?

i have several designs i'm working on for holiday greeting cards that i will be putting up as i've finished them. many thanks to my sister and nephew for the use of his adorable photos from his photo shoot for last year's "perfect photo" for use in my samples. this will give some "ready-made" options that i would just input your favorite picture into. of course, tweaks can be made to color schemes, card size, etc. to make the card more "you".

additionally, as a completely customizable option, i'd be happy to work with you and your ideas to give your cards the "look and feel" you want!

i will be offering the following specials this holiday season, running through january 15th, 2010 (for those that are too busy to send christmas/hanukkah cards and are more into sending happy new year cards).

* $5 off $50+

* $10 off $99+

* $20 off $149+

i'd like to thank those who i've already worked with over the past few years and who have supported me during the last few months as things have really started to "take off". i look forward to my continued relationships with you, as well as the excitement that comes with working with new "friends" too!!

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